Before sending an email for help, please review the questions we received while developing the site. If you do not find an answer to your question, by all means send an email to auctions [at]


1. Can I change my username?

No. The user name you choose at registration is permanent.

2. Can I change my password?

Yes. Click on MY Account in the Main Grey Menu bar above. However keep in mind that you are responsible for all activity undertaken on behalf of your account so choose a password that is not easy to guess (and the longer, the better).

3. My bids are not accepted, why?

a. Do not use commas or decimals in the number, i.e. use 2000 Do Not use 2,000. or 2.000, – the system will only ‘read’ to the first comma or decimal.

b. Bids must be full numbers, i.e. use 221, not 220.50

4. I bid more than the current price but received an email that I was outbid and the new current price is 5.00 more than I bid. What is happening? allows Proxy Bidding and a proxy bid has been made. Any bidder is allowed to leave a maximum bid on any item by entering the amount in the box under Current Price and clicking “Place Bid”. All maximum bids are kept confidential from the site admin and other bidders. When a bidder places a proxy bid, the incremental bid is increased US$5.00. (See Auction Rules for more information)

5. Can I delete my account?

Users can not delete their own account however should you wish to have your account deleted please contact us at auctions [at] and if there are no outstanding issues the account will be deleted.

6. Can I cancel a bid or cancel the purchase of an item?

No. when you make a bid you are entering into a contract. If you fail to pay for an auction item within the given time frame or fail to pay for any item you buy your account may be terminated.

7. If I win an auction, how do I pay?

At present we are only accepting payment via bank transfer (please do not transfer via an ATM because it is very difficult to track the payment) to our Rotary Club Bank Mandiri account. You will be given the account number when making payment. When you do transfer the funds please advise your user name and Auction ID No. so that we can more readily identify your payment. That said if you do pay via ATM you will need to scan the receipt and send the image by email to auctions at

8. Can I hold an auction or sell on

RCBND will shortly permit established and reputable businesses to sell items through the website. To qualify you must have and keep your business SIUP on file in your profile (My Account). Before being allowed to sell RCBND will check and verify this information.

9. How much does it cost to list an item for sale on

RCBND will take a nominal amount in commission (to be advised) upon the successful sale of any item. No sale, no commission.

Last updated 20 August 2013