General Overview

You may view any auctions but you must be registered (registration is free) and logged in order to bid on an auction. To register and log-in click here.

After you submit your registration you will receive an email with a password at the email address you used to register. You will need to log-in with your chosen user name and the password you received. After you log-in you may, if you wish, change the system generated password by clicking on ‘My Account’. However bear in mind that you are responsible for any activity that takes place on your account so do take care in selecting a secure password.

You will need to maintain accurate and current personal information, failure to do so will jeopardize your account.

Auction Bidding

Rotary Bali Auctions allows Bidding by Proxy. Proxy bidding allows someone to bid without being physically present or currently active on-line. You may leave a bid on any item listed online by submitting the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item and clicking “Place Bid” to enter that amount. Your maximum bid is kept secret from the website admin and other bidders. During the auction, the software system will bid for you on your behalf (by proxy) until another person enters a bid that is more than the maximum amount you are willing to pay.

As an example: An item has a Current Bid* of $85.00. You are willing to pay up to $120.00 and therefore you place a bid of $120.00. At that point you will be the high bidder at $90.00. If no one else bids you will win the item at $90.00. If however another person bids $95.00 the system ‘knowing’ that you are willing to pay $120.00 will automatically bid on your behalf (proxy) adding $5.00 to the $95.00. You are now the high bidder at $100.00. This will continue until another bidder bids more than $120.

In this way all bidders do not need to be present (on-line) at the same time to conduct the auction and the seller receives the highest possible price while the buyer pays the lowest possible amount. You will receive an email whenever you are outbid. As well you may monitor the success of your bidding by scrolling down the page of the item you are bidding on where you will see all bids and the auction history.

With proxy bidding, bids are increased a minimum of $5.00 (which is why the amount increased $5.00 on your first bid in the above example).

* NB. Current Bid defined. In auctions where no bid has yet been placed, the Current Bid is the starting price set by the seller. For auctions wherein a bid has (or bids have) been placed on an auction, the Current Bid is just that, the then current bid.

Buy Now Price

In each auction there is a Buy Now price. Bidding this amount will allow you to secure the item immediately and will close the auction.

Minumum Incremental Bids

During the Rotary Bali Charity Tennis Auction the minimum incremental bid allowed is US$5.00. In other words if the current bid is $70.00 you must bid a minimum of US$75.00. You can bid more than 75.00 and in doing so make a proxy bid (see above for more details on proxy bidding).

Same Bid Amount

If two individuals place the same bid, the second bid (bid placed later) will be accepted BUT the first bid (bid placed earlier) will supersede it and be displayed above it in the POSTED BIDS area below the auction description. Even though the first bid will appear to have been made later (displaying 1 second later), that is just a function of the Proxy Bidding feature. The second bidder will receive email notification that they have been outbid (even though the bid is the same). In any event the bidder displayed at the top of the list in POSTED BIDS will be declared the winner.


A minimum bid is listed at the start of each auction. RC Bali Nusa Dua may, at its sole discretion, remove an item from auction if this minimum bid or the item’s reserve price is not met.

All prices are listed in US Dollars. Payment will be due in either US Dollars (USD) or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) at the prevailing exchange rate when the auction closes. You will be notified of any winning bids at the email address in your profile.

Vouchers for hotel stays, restaurants, spas and other services will be made out to the winner or if gift to the name requested by the winner. Vouchers ARE NOT transferrable and no substitute vouchers will issued for lost or stolen vouchers.

Other items i.e. clothing or merchandise will be made available for pickup at RCBND’s weekly luncheon meeting venue or at the place of business sponsoring the item. Currently we meet on Thursdays at 12.30-2.00pm at the RIN Restaurant Conrad Bali Resort & Spa on Jl. Pratama, Tanjung Benoa. That said, We do not meet on national public holidays (so called ‘Red Days’) and other a few other select occasions. Please refer to our Club website for the most current meeting information.

Payment is by bank transfer prior to picking up any item or in cash when picking up any item at any RCBND weekly meeting. When transferring payment, the buyer is responsible to pay bank fees. Please keep this in mind when bidding – especially from outside Indonesia.

Shipping and mailing costs are generally not included and will be advised as the need arises.


Selling via auctions will be allowed to bona fide retailers in the near future. If you are interested to learn more when this opportunity becomes available, please email us at auctions [at] .


Additional rules, policies or procedures may be added from time to time so please check this page every once and a while.

Finally, please keep in mind that the auctions are for charity and community goodwill; “The community helping the community…”. Any questions on the use of the site, or on a particular auction or auction item just us send an email auctions [at] .

Thank you and let the bidding begin…

Last updated: 30 August, 2013